Going Viral

Isn’t the evolution of language an interesting thing?  Something going “viral” could be seen as a good thing, but now that we have a heightened awareness of the harmful effect of viruses it no longer seems an appropriate word to use.  Possibly a new way to express how things rapidly spread on the internet might […]


Someone, somewhere has said that it takes four weeks to form a good habit.  Our initial instruction was that this “lock-down” is for four weeks (for starters).  This leaves me wondering what new positive habits might stick after we are allowed to go back to normality?  I remember a comment in a class on Spiritual […]


Initially it was toilet paper and Panadol which were bought up and so were temporarily out of stock in supermarkets. Doing last week’s shop, I paused opposite the flour shelf and a complete stranger stood in-front of me and wanted to have a fight over the last packet of plain white flour.  She had seen […]


All is well, each day is busy and full.  We have 4-5 grapevines which, following a good spring season, are laden with swelling bunches of grapes.  Some of them are just beginning to darken up as they ripen.  With the amount of fruit, lots of bunches were crowding in on each other and they needed […]